How Medical Evidence Features In Injury Cases


When presenting a case, one of the biggest concerns a personal injury lawyer usually wants to address is how much medical evidence is available. There are a variety of legal reasons why this part of filing a claim or advancing a lawsuit is critical, but these three issues are among the most important. Showing Damages A baseline question that has to be addressed at the start of nearly all injury cases is, "

11 February 2020

Great Expectations: What To Expect From A Car Accident Settlement


Accident victims deserve to be "made whole again" using personal injury compensation. This old-fashioned legal term means that victims should be brought back to their previous state or as close to that as possible using financial means. When you seek money damages from the driver who hit you and sent you to the hospital, you are not being greedy – you are just trying to right a wrong. The question always arises of the amount you might be entitled to be paid.

7 February 2020

How To Seek Compensation After A Boat Collision With An Underwater Object


Boating can be much more unpredictable than other forms of transportation. You might not realize that there's an object that's submerged and your boat might strike this object and begin sinking. If you have an accident as a passenger, you might suffer an injury when the boat strikes an object. Depending on the actions taken by the boat operator, you may have a personal injury case. Understanding Negligence A boat operator is typically considered negligent for a boat accident if he or she has been speeding or has been operating the boat in dense fog.

5 February 2020

The Basics Of Motorcycle Personal Injury Cases


Motorcycle accidents have the potential to be quite dangerous. These accidents are more common than you might think, and they can lead to serious injuries that can be devastating. Some patients suffering from motorcycle accident injuries never completely recover. In this guide, you will learn more about motorcycle accidents and what you should do next for your case. What Kind of Accidents Can Lead to Personal Injury Cases? After you experience a motorcycle accident, you may suffer from a variety of injuries.

3 February 2020

Understanding When To Hire A Workers Compensation Attorney


Worker's compensation insurance is a type of insurance policy that the vast majority of employers are legally required to carry. This type of insurance is designed to protect employees if they are injured while at work. In most cases, filing a worker's compensation claim after a workplace injury is fairly straightforward, but there are situations that can become complicated. Thus, there are instances where one may require the services of a worker's compensation attorney.

31 January 2020

Self-Driving Features And Personal Injury Claims: What To Expect


Autonomous, or self-driving, functions are not features of the future. There are plenty of vehicles that have this capability on the road right now. This level of control, or lack thereof, raises plenty of safety concerns, and there has been little discussion about who will be to blame if these systems fail and cause a crash. Responsibility to Monitor Self-driving features are awesome in that they give the driver the opportunity to allow the vehicle's technology to drive and stay in the lane.

29 January 2020

Filing A Lawsuit? Two Reasons Why You Need An Attorney


Filing a lawsuit is a very serious matter. There is a lot on the line and if someone else's negligence has caused you to experience extensive injuries you deserved to be compensated. Trying to go it on your own can be a big mistake because the stakes are heavy. You need the funds from the lawsuit to cover your expenses and the longer the ordeal plays out, the further behind you become.

28 January 2020